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We stand for partnership-based cooperation!

DOPAG offers individual advice and top quality solutions in the field of metering and mixing technology. Being the best at what we do and helping our customers reach their full potential through our technology is what we work towards day after day. Here at DOPAG, partnership-based cooperation with customers is valued above all - indeed, it is the very basis of our mutual success! That is why we would like to introduce our team to you. Our colleagues are here for you for any queries regarding metering, mixing and dispensing.

Would you like to contact us? Our representatives around the world will be happy to help - just find the one nearest to you by clicking here!

Managing Directors

  1. Steffen Knaus
    Chief Executive Officer
  2. Daniel Geier
    Chief Technology Officer


  1. Christian Ostermann
    Director Sales DACH
  2. Hartmut Klemm
    Regional Sales
  3. Ulrich Hetz
    Regional Sales
  4. Stephan Wittich
    Regional Sales

Key Market Lubrication

  1. Roger Hermann
    Director Key Market Automotive & Lubrication
  2. Frank Molitor
    Manager Key Market Lubrication

Key Market Gasketing

  1. Guido Löhr
    Director Key Market Gasketing

Key Market Bonding & Sealing, Automation Technologies

  1. Michael Wortmann
    Director Automation Technologies
  2. Hasan Okuyucu
    Manager Customer Care Automation Technologies

Key Market LSR

  1. Christian Ostermann
    Director Key Market LSR

Key Market E-Mobility and Potting

  1. Hartmut Klemm
    Key Market Manager E-Mobility & Potting

Project Management

  1. Jochen Handrich
    Director Project Management
  2. Philipp Steinbach
    Project Manager
  3. Klaus Zorn
    Project Management / Quotations
  4. Christine Anzalone
    Inside Sales

Technical Service

  1. Andreas Gronau
    Manager Technical Service
  2. Verena Manz
    Technical Service
  3. Simone Schäl
    Technical Service

Global Marketing

  1. Frank Pörschke
    Manager Global Marketing
  2. Rainer Conrad
    Global Marketing
  3. Sandra Lehmann
    Global Marketing