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Dynamic mixing

Solutions for gasketing, bonding and potting

DOPAG is the system provider for gasketing, bonding and potting in highly automated production processes. DynamicLine is based on the new dynamic mixing head with innovative valve technology. With dynamicLine, DOPAG is setting the benchmark in terms of user friendliness, precision and reliability in dynamic mixing. DynamicLine automates all production steps, thus ensuring process reliability, replicability and cost-efficiency. This guarantees the consistently high quality and durability of all components produced.

The high-performance mixing head is based on over 40 years of experience in multi-component low-pressure metering and features a unique valve technology. Functions such as rinsing of the mixing system with water as standard, without the need for a environmentally harmful solvent, controlled opening and closing of the mixing system, and high-precision metering are setting new standards in the market.

Dynamic Mixing System for Gasketing/FIPFG

Your partnership with DOPAG

  • One contact for the entire system solution: from the dynamic mixing head and automation
  • to service
  • Competent support, design and process automation
  • A dedicated technical centre for testing and customer training
  • Contract production: sampling, prototypes, small volumes and large-scale production
  • Close collaboration and regular communication with material manufacturers
  • Decades of experience in metering and mixing technology
  • Global distribution and service in over 40 countries

The new dynamic mixing system guarantees accurate results

DynamicLine was developed for the precise processing of highly reactive gasketing, adhesives and pottingcompounds based on polyurethane and silicone – especially when rapid mixing and application are required. Depending on the application, one of the two processes below is used in gasketing.

FIPFG: formed-in-place foam gaskets
When gasketing with FIPFG technology, reactive polymer materials are metered precisely, mixed andthen automatically applied on a component along a contour or a level surface. After a certain reaction timedependent on the material and other factors (temperature, humidity), the material foams up and bonds firmlyto the component. Foam gasketing has many advantages compared to cut or manually applied gasketing.The start and end point of the gasket are connected practically seamlessly. They bond without any additionaladhesive tape and there is considerably less waste.

FIPG: formed-in-place gaskets
DynamicLine is also perfect for FIPG (formed-in-place gaskets). Here, non-foaming, highly reactive sealingsystems that cannot be processed using a static mixing system are metered, mixed and applied.

For efficient production processes

With dynamicLine, all production steps are not only reproducible, but also cost-efficient in particular. DynamicLine offers numerous benefits compared to manually applied or inserted gasketing. The automated production enables shorter cycle times, while the potential for error is very low. The high precision of dynamicLine also ensures a high level of reproducibility. Compared to punched or cut gasketing, foam gasketing is significantly more cost-efficient and higher in quality. There is also practically no waste and the system is rinsed only with water, with no need for solvent. This ensures an overall more sustainable production process.

Bonding and potting applications are also cost-effective and efficient with dynamicLine. Various automation modules, such as a linear robot and shuttle sliding tables or a 6-axle articulated robot, ensure rapid handling of components and enable short cycle times.