Custom-built dosing systems

Turnkey solutions for automated bonding, sealing and potting applications

Metered application of fluids is increasingly becoming part of automated manufacturing processes. As a result, no dosing unit concept would be complete without the integration of all the necessary procedures for the pre and aftertreatment of components, quality assurance measures and conveying and handling technology. As a dosing technology producer and designer of customised solutions for automated gluing, sealing and potting, DOPAG is a place that offers the full package from a single source. Only a system that is precisely tailored to the application requirements ensures a smooth production and contributes to overall business success.

Detailed analysis and cooperation through partnership
Not only has DOPAG decades of experience in dosing technology, but also in the building of special machines. This makes for an ideal prerequisite for the development of solutions that are tailored precisely to customers’ applications. At DOPAG, the detailed analysis of each application case is considered the single most important step of the whole process, because only on the back of that can the customer receive a product that truly meets the highest requirements. Each system is tested in an in-house technical center with an extensive series of measurements. The customer is invited to accept the system here first, before another acceptance takes place later on site.

The planning, design and commissioning of the dosing system are always carried out in close, partnership-based cooperation with the customer. For DOPAG customers, this means the ability to work on the project with same points of contact right from the project start, through its delivery and even up to the stage when After Sales and Customer Care are needed. This brings the benefit of uncomplicated, fast and accountable service.

A reference project: Automated bonding in the household appliance industry
The Polish household appliance manufacturer Amica turned to DOPAG with the need for a dosing system for automated bonding of oven door components. DOPAG assessed the application and designed a unique and complete system tailored to the application requirements. The concept combines the entire dosing process with conveyor technology needed for the handling of the components. Three robots simultaneously glue the oven door rail profiles to the glass panes. The profiles are first pretreated with Pyrosil, after which a two-component glue is applied by DOPAG’s dosing system vectomix and then the component is joined. Finally, the glued components harden in a curing buffer with and integrated heating and cooling chamber.

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Custom-built dispensing systems to automated bonding applications

Our performance profile for automated material application

  • Cleaning
  • Brushing
  • Priming
  • Plasma
  • Gas flame
  • Pyrosil (based on plasma or gas flame)
  • Corona
  • Application for single- and multiple-component adhesives and sealants and potting compounds
  • Various robot and coordinate systems, as well as application types (round and triangle beads, spraying, thin layer)
  • Precise adhesive application through a reproducible positioning of the applications needle
  • Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic systems depending on the degree of automation
  • Joining of components and logging
  • Application of adhesive pads or hotmelts, to keep the components handling capable until the adhesive cures
  • Integration of joining technologies: Hot embossing, clinching, driving
  • Part feeding by transfer systems, rotary indexing tables or sorting pots
  • Preparation of workpieces in workpiece carriers
  • Describing and documenting the processing state of the workpieces in the carrier
  • Curing systems: Infrared, ultraviolet (UV), medium frequency technology, continuous furnaces, buffer sections
  • Quality assurance: Volumetric measuring systems, verification of material application (position and quality), component quality assurance and measuring
  • Process data archiving, process visualization: Data carriers (USB, flashcard), network, SCADA systems

Automated metering equipment applications

Proven, high-quality technology by DOPAG is used for the metering and mixing process. The available metering systems include single- and double-action piston metering systems with hydraulic or electric drives, as well as gear pumps and progressive cavity pumps with three-phase-asynchronous or servo motors. Our metering systems offer error-free processing of adhesives, sealants and potting materials on the basis of silicones, polyurethanes, polysulphides, epoxies, acrylics, up to hybrid and other advanced materials. The application method for bonding and sealing is driven by the application, ranging from round beads through triangular beads to roller application.

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